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1920: The year of our birth

It was July 11th, a Sunday: a great story began

On the morning of Sunday, July 11th, 1920, eleven mechanics from Cesena met in notary public Eugenio Fantini's office, in Piazza Edoardo Fabbri: Mario Barduzzi, Augusto Belletti, Giuseppe Bersani, Aldo Foschi, Fernando Lombardini, Mario Maraldi, Giacomo Molari, Balilla Ricci, Egisto Tabarri, Eugenio Valzania and Bruno Venturi. They "declare – wrote Mr. Fantini that day – that they wish to establish among themselves an Anonymous Cooperative Company with headquarters in Cesena, for a duration of thirty years from its legal constitution, for purposes related to the metalworking industry in general”.

In preparation for expressing their intent, the eleven partners had formulated and approved a memorandum of association which they delivered to the notary public so that it could become an integral part of the by-laws he was drawing up. "They declare that they have each paid one share worth 100 lire and so the paid up and underwritten capital is 1,100 lire". The following members were appointed as corporate officers: "Mario Maraldi as president", legal representative of the Company, "Pietro Fantini, Fernando Lombardini, Eugenio Valzania, Bruno Venturi as directors".

Once the deed had been drawn up, the eleven founders signed it together with the notary who had formalized, by putting it in writing, their unanimous intent, supported – as reported in the document itself – by the need they felt to "develop among the members a love for their job, carried out according to the rules of cooperation". Formulating this point explicitly is not, of course, rhetorical: in those years (as well as today) cooperativism was a concept very much felt by those who, by uniting their resources and their activities, intended to give a concrete response to the essential needs and instances of self-emancipation and renewal of social groups, making express reference to the principles of solidarity.

C.I.M. Costruzioni Industriali Meccaniche, Cooperativa Operai Metallurgici (Industrial Mechanical Construction, Metalworkers’ Cooperative) was the name that the founders gave to the newborn company, providing for the entrance of other members and setting at 50 the maximum number of 100-lire shares that could be acquired by any individual member, who, however, would be allowed to express only one vote in the assembly. The memorandum also mentioned how profits should be shared (30 percent as reserve, 5 percent for payment of a dividend on the shares, 45 percent for payment of a dividend to co-workers, partners and assistants, in proportion to the number of full working days, and 20 percent for cooperation purposes) and set up a "Special Deposit Bank", that was time-bound and where all co-workers could deposit their savings at an interest rate higher than the one offered by ordinary Savings Banks.


President's Speech

11 July 2020

Dear Employees and Staff Members,

Today, 11 July 2020, Sacim celebrates its one hundredth anniversary.

It all began as far back as 11 July 1920, on a Sunday morning, when my grandfather Giacomo, together with ten mechanics, friends of his, decided to establish – in Cesena – a cooperative called C.I.M. which, in 1927, became the company S.A.C.I.M. (Società Anonima Costruzioni Industriali Meccaniche), animated by a deep-rooted enthusiasm and love for their job.

The historical context of that period brings to our minds the First World War (1915-1918) and the very serious Spanish influenza pandemic, which actually ended in 1920 and reminds us of the current Covid-19 pandemic, as if in an intended coincidence.

The history of Sacim is something truly unique and valuable in the tank construction industry for transporting liquids, deeply rooted as it is in the Cesena area: the connection with the town of Cesena cannot be disregarded because the company shows all the typical traits of people from the Romagna region, most notably hospitality and friendliness.

I would like to thank in particular all employees who, since 1920, have been working for Sacim, contributing to the development and success of the company, gaining the nickname of “tank tailors”, as they have passed on from one generation to the next this manufacturing art.

The success of Sacim, however, is also due to our Institutions which have always supported us during hard times, to our clients for their valuable cooperation, to our suppliers with their competence and reliability, to our business partners for sharing satisfactions as well as problems, to all our consultants and professionals for providing valuable advice, necessary to define the best strategies, as well as to our competitors for their honesty and loyalty aimed at our continuous improvement.

Having overcome, during one century, the most difficult challenges on the market and being already set for the next future ventures, today we can celebrate this one hundredth anniversary with joy and excitement, being aware that – at least for one day – we are the Tank Championship winners!

Thanks to everyone.

Francesco Molari



Philatelic postmark - September 18th, 2020

On September 18th, 2020, at 4 PM, the Centenary of SACIM SpA was celebrated in-house with employees and shareholders attending, due to the pandemic-related restrictions, at the Company's headquarters, with a philatelic postmark and postcard.

It was a very moving event with testimonies by some of the owners and employees, in particular: Mr. Paolo Molari (2nd generation entrepreneur), Mr. Francesco Molari (3rd generation entrepreneur), Mrs. Vilma Villa (former manager of the purchasing office), Mr. Roberto Fabbri (area sales manager), Mr. Massimo Marri (after sales manager), Mr. Giuseppe Fabbri (head of the assembling department), Mr. Renato Medri (skilled worker of the fitting and welding department) and Mr. Alberto Castellucci (skilled worker of the calender machine).

At the end, there was a buffet with typical food from the Romagna region, followed by the traditional cake cutting and a toast to conclude the beautiful day.


Official centenary celebration - September 11th, 2021

Foto centenario

On Saturday, September 11th, 2021, Sacim officially celebrated its 100th anniversary (1920-2020). More than two hundred people attended the event, held inside the new plant in Pievesestina. After the Holy Mass, celebrated by the Bishop of Cesena-Sarsina, Monsignor Douglas Regattieri, round tables with historical testimonies were held, conducted by journalist Daniele Magnani, as well as award-giving ceremonies, music and entertainment.

Among the authorities there were the Mayor of Cesena, Enzo Lattuca, Mario Riceputi, representing Confindustria Romagna, Alberto Zambianchi, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Romagna, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini and president of Union Camera Emilia Romagna, and former deputy mayor of the Lucchi administration, Carlo Battistini.

Next, Sacim's president, engineer Francesco Molari, took the stage alongside other shareholders of the Company. He recalled his late father, Giovanni (aka Gianni) and his uncle, engineer Paolo, who was present in the audience as a second-generation entrepreneur. Representing the shareholders there were Roberto Ravegnani and Claudio Cappelletti, members of the Board of Directors, and Vittorio Ravegnani and Armando Camaeti, respectively sons of Amedeo Ravegnani and Dino Camaeti, Company founders together with Giacomo Molari, grandfather of engineer Francesco, and Lodovico Valzania, great-grandfather of Claudio Cappelletti.

There followed speeches from five important customers and suppliers, chosen to represent the wide range of companies working with and for Sacim: Zanatta S.r.l. from Mestre, Transadriatico from Grottammare – Ascoli Piceno, Sampi S.p.A. from Altopascio – Lucca, Icasud from Casoria – Naples, and the Cesena-based Carrozzeria Artigiana.

Then, some employees and former employees took the stage. Carlo Ronchi, Iliano Tani, Loretta Casadei-Benini, Elio Marri, all now retired, as well as Stefano Maldini, still working at the plant, told stories of life inside Sacim.

In the various testimonies, some prominent former employees of the company were mentioned: historical entrepreneur Mario Maraldi, who was there in 1920 with the Company founders, first president of Sacim and grandson of Mario Riceputi; Otello Faedi, sales manager, highly esteemed by colleagues and customers; Mauro Domenichini production manager, former scout leader, well known in the city for his human qualities; Mario Belli, a highly skilled technical manager; Marco Morigi, first Quality manager; Piero Rossi, workshop manager; Bruno Fabbri historical manager of the "development and research" department and father of employees Cesare and Roberto and, finally, the female staff Carla, Wilma, Timotea, Silvana, Antonella, Lara and Mirella who distinguished themselves over the years for their professionalism and commitment to their job.

At the end of the testimonies, engineer Francesco Molari handed out, to everyone on the stage, a ceramic item of great value with a hand-painted representation of the 100th anniversary logo, designed by graphic designer Matteo Bosi, while all the other guests received a commemorative medal. After the official part, the celebrations continued on the company's panoramic terrace with a buffet followed by the traditional cake cutting and a toast on another 100 successful years.


Press releases

Press releases

Comunicato stampa

Comunicato stampa

Comunicato stampa

Comunicato stampa


Commemorative works

On the occasion of the historic and prestigious recurrence of our 100th Anniversary, in collaboration with our trusted graphic designer Mr. Matteo Bosi, we studied some commemorative works: a medal in antiqued silver colour with, on one side, the embossed representation of the historic tank, symbol of Sacim and, on the other side, the engraving of the 100th Anniversary company logo; then, a ceramic with antiqued wooden frame which also recalls the origins of Sacim and was handmade by a local artisan workshop. We thank the graphic designer and the authors for the excellent result, much appreciated by the company. Thank you!